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A lot of wedding dance studio's FAQs suggest starting 5 months out.... My fiance and I only decided on our first dance song 5 WEEKS out. We were paired with Stephanie as our instructor and she could NOT have been more lovely. She worked to make our four left feet look like they knew how to communicate with each other! Stephanie really did her homework as well, familiarizing herself with the song we selected, visualizing the choreography, pairing it with the song, and breaking it down in a way that two novices could understand.

Stephanie was always happy to dance lead or be lead, even dancing lead with my now husband to show him exactly what it was that I was feeling on my end. She was happy to take videos of us on the dance floor so that we could review it at home while practicing. (This was clutch!) She even offered to be available if, while we were practicing we had trouble and needed help (between our last lesson and the wedding), we could send her a video and she would troubleshoot exactly what our problem was!

We were able to use the moves she taught us on the dance floor beyond just "our song." We continued to recreate/practice our dance through out our honeymoon, reveling in how much fun it was and how nice it turned out!


Great Dance Studio! Peter scheduled us with Bibi on very short notice/ last minute before our wedding party. NEITHER of are good dancers. We showed up with a song, and within an hour Bibi made our first dance possible. She put us at ease right away. She is such a positive teacher! Before we left, she recorded the video of us dancing and gave us instruction on how to practice.

Everything went very well because she gave us the confidence that a first dance is more about joy than perfect form. We had a fantastic time, and our guests loved it! Thank you, Bibi!


Peter was quick to reply and was accommodating in arranging a VERY last minute class. Joel did the instruction with his lovely partner Bibi and let the lesson run WAY over. The class was fun, informative and very thorough. What kind and nice people. We arrive with no knowledge and left with so much more confidence. Could not recommend more strongly!


Our dance lessons were the most fun part of the lead up to our wedding! Some context, I was kicked out of the dance for my own solo in the high school play. My (now) husband refused to dance with me (at other weddings)!

We started lessons with Peter two months before our wedding and after three lessons, I finally got to dance with my (then) fiancé at my brother's wedding. After five lessons, we felt comfortable enough to go onto an empty dance floor at a friend's wedding and dance. Someone who is aware of my horrible dance skills even exclaimed, "Oh my God! That's Brett dancing!" We danced the ENTIRE night.

At our wedding, after ten lessons, our friends and family were on their feet, screaming and cheering. Several people even cried. Our first dance was a hit!!!!

Never did I imagine I'd be excited to dance publicly, or that either of us would do it well. We knew our limited abilities. We weren't looking for great or a 10/10. We wanted to not embarrass ourselves and figured if we pulled a 3/10 people would be amazed. We knocked it out of the park. Our toughest critic (my mother) said we did great!

Peter is such a great teacher. He was patient and fun and we learned so much. He taught us moves for our first dance, and in doing so we learned to listen to the beat and find the rhythm. We were comfortable on a dance floor for the first time. We danced the entire night!

If you can manage ten lessons with Peter, go for it! You won't regret it! If you can do five, you'll be so much improved. Even three makes a difference. Our ten lessons were something we looked forward to each time. It was a fun way to bond and connect and have fun in the stressful pre-wedding time. Peter is a miracle worker. We HATED dancing and now we are looking into places to go out and dance in our free time.

My husband and I agree that Peter was the best investment we made in this wedding, and we cannot wait to dance all week on our honeymoon cruise!!!!

This was one of the most enjoyable parts of our wedding planning. Peter understood the importance of our first dance song and taught us in just 3 lessons some techniques to wow our family and friends. We are not expert dancers but Peter made us feel comfortable to own our moves after he taught us each technique to compliment our song choice.

Peter totally blew us away in what he was able to teach us!..., we definitely would have benefitted from more lessons, the time we spent was definitely worth it and gave us great moves to not totally embarrass ourselves during our first dance. We had so much fun!

My husband and I loved working with Peter. It was our highlight of the wedding planning and the one and only part of it we truly enjoyed doing together. We did not have any prior dance experience and learned a 3 minute dance in 5 lessons. Peter is fantastic to work with and fun to be around. The calendar option on his website made scheduling very easy. Do not look any further and click the booking button. You won't regret it.
Practicing your first dance is definitely something that can be overlooked in the chaos of wedding planning but looking back this was such a highlight and a worthwhile investment and brought us closer together as well.
You won't regret booking a session with Peter! Enjoy :)

My wife and I waited until the last minute to organize a wedding dance. We were able to figure out some times for a 5-lesson set and Bibi had us off and running. Working with Bibi was especially great and we are likely to sign up for follow-up lessons just because we had a lot of fun in the process.

We loved working with Joel! My husband and I waited until the last minute for our dance lessons, giving us only a few weeks. Joel was able to work with our schedule and in a few short lessons had us doing the box step, salsa, turns and dips! Our dance went so well at the wedding, everyone was impressed.
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My fiancée and I went to Peter to learn a "first dance" for our wedding. Neither of us had taken dance classes before, but Peter was able to overcome that (and my two left feet) and helped us design a routine that we could learn. With Peter's help, patience, and lots of practice, we managed to pull off our first dance without any major errors. I would certainly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a dance teacher.

We signed up for a 5 pack of lessons with Valerie and that was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning process.
Neither of us have ever taken formal dance lessons so this could have been a disaster! Thankfully Valerie was a better instructor than we could have ever dreamed of. She is sweet, patient and most of all makes the lesson so fun. The hour lessons flew by. I could see us taking more lessons in the future as a fun way to spend some time together

Peter was lots of fun to work with! He has a low-pressure, straightforward style of instruction that really helped us prepare for our first dance at our wedding. We would strongly recommend him to anyone, including beginners. Thanks so much, Peter!

We signed up for a series of 5 lessons with Peter to learn how to dance for the first dance at our wedding. Our experience was wonderful from start to finish. He responded promptly to emails and texts and was willing to work with our busy schedules to coordinate lesson times. We told him our first dance song and he taught us the basic steps for how to dance to it in our first lesson. Over the next four lessons, he built on that by adding various flourishes (turns, extra steps, dip, etc) in increasing complexity. He was fun, worked with our ability level, and helped us feel comfortable and more confident on the dance floor. We appreciated that instead of having a strictly choreographed routine, we instead learned how to dance and bring in embellishments as we wanted, which definitely helped with our anxiety on the day of the wedding (and also gives us the ability to dance to other songs as well, which a choreographed routine would not do). Ultimately, our first dance was fun, polished, and we were proud to sho

Don't usually leave reviews, buat dance lesson was phenomenal. Peter deserves more credit for what he's doing Never had a dance lesson before and never considered myself even close to capable. but after the fastest hour of my life I felt comfortable with my little stable of moves. Can't wait for the next lesson. I was worried we wouldn't be dance-worthy before our wedding in 8 weeks, now I think we might be able to add some flourish. Will be recommending him to anyone else looking for dance lessons

My (now) husband and I took five lessons with Peter before our wedding. He was a great instructor and was incredibly patient with both of us. He started out with basics and built on them with each lesson. My husband actually picked up on it faster than I did, which was really impressive. Peter put his instructions in terms we could understand and didn't overwhelm us with technicalities.
By the end of our fifth lesson we both felt comfortable dancing together. I think you might be better off starting earlier than us and taking a few more lessons with Peter. However, when the big moment came and we were on the dance floor in front of all our guests, I think we looked pretty fantastic. My husband led me through all the steps Peter taught us, even the one we had the most trouble with...the swizzles! We received plenty of applause and cheers when it came to the two different styles of spins and especially during the dip.
Thanks so much Peter for making our first dance special! You were great to work with!!

My fiancee and I have four left feet between the two of us, so we knew we needed to attend a dance lesson or two before our wedding. There is nothing worse than watching a couple do the "highschool hang" for 3 minutes: you know, where the couple just hugs and sways back and forth.
We contacted Ballroom Wedding Dancing and ended up taking a private lesson from Valerie. She was incredibly helpful and a very knowledgeable teacher. She made everything accessible by modeling the steps for us and working with us individually until we felt comfortable doing it on our own. She was also warm and understanding when we needed a lot of repetition to get it right.
We'll definitely be going back for more!

Four weeks before our wedding date, we decided we should probably take a formal dance lesson or two so we don't bore our guests with our first sloppy slow dance. Peter was on time, courteous, and super fun. Most importantly, he was amazing on his feet! We ended up signing on for two more classes with Peter, and he helped us to prepare a 1-2 minute first dance which we felt comfortable with. I would definitely recommend Peter for anyone looking for a few quick lessons, and for ongoing lessons as well.I am probably the worst dancer that ever lived, and by far the most frightening part about my wedding was the first dance with my wife. She signed me up for 5 lessons with Peter, and it was one of the best decisions we made (apart from marrying each other of course.)
The lessons were clearly structured, and Peter didn't overwhelm us with information - he slowly added steps and built up our confidence, and made sure we spent 5 hours of real practice on how we wanted to dance.
The end result? Our first dance wasn't the anxiety-inducing, error-prone disaster I thought it would be, but a very fun time with my wife and I. I very strongly recommend Peter for all folks who are learning to dance, no matter how good (or terrible) you are.
Thank you Peter! We had a wonderful wedding...and our dance was a hit. The band leader (who has done hundreds of weddings) said we were the best he's ever seen. oh yeah...we will definitely stay in touch & refer you to friends... we were shocked how well the dance went too! Go figure! so a big thanks to you sir.
-Charlie and Tamera


Geoff and I want to say "thank you!" for helping us with our first dance. It was great! We had a little stumble on the first salsa transition but the second went off without a hitch. My favorite part was at the end of the dance when we went in for our kiss and then he spun me out and somehow we ended up facing the band'. Oops'. It got a good laugh and we just turned around and bowed/curtsied for the guests. It was great. Geoff was so chill and smiley you would've been proud.
-Morna and Geoff


Amy and Matt on NBC's I Do"



Anna and Rad: Everything was a complete success and our dance(s) wowed the audience. See our Waltz and Salsa Thank you so much for your wonderful instruction!