Your wedding dance should be a wonderful memory, and fun! Learning HOW TO DO IT should be fun, too!

Dancing isn't hard, but we also aren't born knowing how to do it. Plan on taking a few lessons to reach the level of comfort and confidence you want. Most people begin to feel the first stage of that ease/comfort/confidence and relaxation while dancing together at about the fifth lesson, and really hit their stride around ten. That said, everyone is different, some songs and dances are more challenging, and everyone has a different goal for their first dance and for dancing in general.

We are the best at what we do

because wedding dances are all we do!


A good wedding song should have a clear, steady  beat.  Note:  It's the song you pick that determines the dance you'll be doing. Often Standards like Sinatra, Gershwin, or Cole Porter are Foxtrots, an excellent dance for beginning dancers for several reasons.

Other ballroom, Latin or rhythm style dances,  Waltz, Tango, Swing or Salsa, can certainly be done easily with only a few lessons.

If you have picked your favorite dance before you've chosen a wedding song, just choose a song that fits that dance style. Ask your instructor for assistance.

A good length is around two to three minutes. Too short is no fun, and too long, you take a chance on boring your friends - who want to get on the floor too!

Practice and get comfortable with the ballroom steps you've learned and the dances' rhythm patterns. Remember to practice dancing to other songs, with different tempos, so you'll always be able to dance comfortably.

Practice is the only way to really get comfortable on the ballroom floor, allowing you to look and feel good. Its just like anything else; the more you do it, the easier it is. So try to practice some between lessons.... even if its only for a few minutes. It really will make a big difference

If you can, find out the size and shape of your dancing floor and tell your instructor

Also decide when you want to do your first dance. Will you be entering the Reception room for the first time, or simply walking onto the  floor? Will it be at the beginning of the Reception, in the middle, after the cake cutting, before or after dinner...?

Tell the Band or DJ when you'll do your first-dance. Make sure they'll play the song at the tempo you practiced, or one where you are able to dance comfortably. Also be sure to tell the photographer/ Videographer when you plan to do your First-Dance, and whether there are any special moments or dance moves you particularly want them to capture: the big ballroom dip, the special turn, a twirl, flourish or that BIG ending you worked so hard on!

But no matter what happens, don't worry.... If you forget a step or miss a beat, keep dancing. Relax, breathe, recover, and enjoy an incredible moment together.

Because, most importantly, you want to enjoy yourself and have fun.

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